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10 ways mobile apps are bringing breakthrough technologies to business

The best mobile apps are giving companies unprecedented efficiency, convenience, and the ability to deliver a topnotch customer experience....<<more>>

Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace (VAR) - ALD Vacuum Technologies

Vacuum Arc Remelting Furnace is widely used to improve the cleanliness and refine the structure of standard air-melted or ESR remelted ingots....<<more>>

Ceramic-Free Metal Powder Production - Vacuum furnace

Ceramic Free Metal Powder Production 2 Introduction Reactive alloys can not be melted andFor this reason, ALD Vacuum Technologies AG has developed melting processes and nozzlePlasma melting torch on top of a water cooled copper crucible. The...<<more>>

Crucible for induction melting

A process for the melting of difficult-to-melt metals, especially tantalum, tungsten, thorium, and alloys of these metals in a water-cooled container is known (DE 518 499), the container consisting in this case of materials such as quartz glass, copper, or silver, which melt at temperatures that are lower than the melting point of the material...<<more>>

Vacuum Arc Remelting and Casting (VAR Casting) - ALD

Because of titanium’s high affinity for oxygen, melting and casting of this highly reactive material must be done under vacuum. A consumable titanium electrode is melted by an electric arc into a water-cooled tiltable copper crucible....<<more>>

Casting moulding use titanium melting vacuum arc furnace

Melting of metal using induction furnace, melting and casting of titanium is carried out into vacuum by using vacuum arc remelting furnaces. consumable electrodes of titanium are melted into copper crucible called as After a few minutes, the material can be cast (under vacuum) e.g. into a water-cooled copper mould....<<more>>


Conventional steels are produced using secondary metallurgical processes like Electric Arc Furnace (EAF) with subsequent treatment in ladle using Ladle furnaces (LF) and vacuum degassing systemsmelting in the Vacuum Arc Furnace (VAR) and refining by the Electro Slag Re-melting processmelting processes to melt and refine material...