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Salt Bath HT vs. Vacuum HT of Tool Steels - Metal and

Salt bath heat treatment usually results in one to two points higher Rockwell C hardness than an equivalent vacuum heat treatment process for the same tool steel. This is primarily due to the uniform temperature distribution that is attained in a salt bath furnace and the rapid quench rate that is achieved in either salt or oil in comparison to ...<<more>>

Heat treatment with Salt bath furnaces | Heat Treating

Salt bath heat treating by Q. D. Mehrkam V. P. Research & Development AJAX ELECTRIC CO. Philadelphia, Pa. WHEN WORK is fully immersed into a salt bath furnace, no air can contact it. Steel scaling, oxidation and decarburization can be avoided....<<more>>

Heat Treatment Salts Information | Engineering360

Heat treatment salts are melted in a salt bath furnace or system to form a molten salt bath. Parts are dipped into the molten salt to clean, descale, anneal, temper, quench, cure, nitride, carburize, carbonitride, case harden or coat. Operating temperatures or working temperature ranges of molten salt baths range from under 200 to over 2000° F....<<more>>

Furnaces Used for Tempering of Steel | Heat Treatment

Salt Bath Tempering Furnace: Normally for tempering, an externally heated electrical resistance salt bath is used, Suitable salt compositions are chosen to use in the range of 150°C to 600°C. Salt baths provide high heat transfer efficiency....<<more>>

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Custom manufacturer of heat treating furnaces including salt bath hardening furnaces. Heat treating furnaces such as conveyor belt furnaces, strip quench furnaces, multiple tube strip furnaces, batch furnaces, pusher batch furnaces and retort furnaces can be fabricated....<<more>>


Furnaces utilized for heat-treatment purposes are basically muffle furnaces and salt bath furnaces. The working principles of both furnace types are well outlined by Rajan et al., (1989). Muffle furnaces are common in Nigeria because it is cheaper and suitable for conventional heat-treatment processes....<<more>>

Ceradel Industries: Salt bath furnaces

> Industrial Furnaces > Heat treatment of metals > Hardening > Salt bath furnaces Salt bath furnaces We supply salt-bath furnaces for operating temperatures of up to 1000 °C and warm bath furnaces for operating temperatures of up to 500 °C....<<more>>

Dealing with Used Salt from Salt Bath Furnaces - AZoM

Salt baths are often used instead of conventional atmospheric furnaces for many heat treatment applications. The heating medium is a hot liquid compound, normally referred to as ‘salt’, and is contained in a metal pot, heated by external electrical currents or submerged heaters....<<more>>

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Molten Salt Heat Treating Discussion in 'Shop EVERYTHING steel in my shop that didn't have paint or oil on it had a nice brown oxidation on it. That stuff is nasty if it burns in the flame. I wanted to make sure I used salt that was made for heat-treating. I think Heat-Bath's "Nu-Sal" and Houghton's high temp are both very good. Maybe ...<<more>>

Vacuum Hardening High-Strength Steels: Oil Vs. Gas Quenching

Fig. 1 — Salt-bath heat treating is still widely used, but has several disadvantages compared with vacuum heat treating. The high interest of aerospace customers with the company’s vacuum oil quenching process led to the need for a second furnace to satisfy the demand....<<more>>

Electrode Salt Baths | Политерм ООД - Термично оборудване

Salt bath consists of welded steel casing in which are placed the heat insulation and the intermediate casing from refractory steel, built-in inside with special high aluminosilicate oxide refractory bricks....<<more>>

Steel Plant Furnaces | Continuous & Batch Type

CAN-ENG’s Steel Plant Heat Treatment Furnaces are workhorses for heat treating a wide variety of materials and applications. Whether annealing, bright annealing, normalizing, reheating , stress relieving or quench and tempering, CAN-ENG custom engineered Steel Plant Furnace Systems deliver consistent quality and reliable performance for tube, bar and plate, forgings, fabrications and castings....<<more>>

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Heat treating and thermal processing for steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, titanium and exotic alloys. Thermal processing equipment including sealed integral oil quench batch furnaces and pit furnaces with capacities up to 15 ft. dia. and 22 in. deep and vacuum heat treating furnace with 24 in. x 24 in. x 48 in. deep capacity....<<more>>

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Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment ? Heat treating furnaces can beBatch type or continuous Car Bottom Furnace ? Salt Bath Furnace ? Pit furnace. Heat Treating Furnaces Two Primary Types ?Atmospheric – Operated at ambient (atmosphere) pressure....<<more>>

Salt Bath Furnaces Manufacturer,Electrode Salt Bath

We design and manufacture the most modern, sophisticated & advanced Electrical Heat Treatment & Electrode Salt Bath Furnaces, especially for the hardening and tempering of the alloy steel components, High speed steel, Die steel, etc. and Melting Furnaces for ferrous & non ferrous metals like Aluminium, Brass, Cast Iron, etc....<<more>>

Standard Test Method for Conducting Temperature Uniformity

4.1 Furnaces for heat treatment of steel products are used in many industries, in many ways. Regardless of heat treat furnace type, or processing cycle, it may be necessary for users to know the temperature uniformity in the furnace and whether the material is processed in a zone within the furnace ...<<more>>

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Salt bath electrode quenching /hardening furnace Brief Salt bath electrode quenching furnace, salt bath electrode hardening furnace is national standard energy-saving batch type heat treatment furnace, used for heating metal parts in melting salt or salt-mixture liquid....<<more>>

Ferritic Nitriding Heat Treatment.pdf | Nitrogen | Steel

With a new bath.1 SAFETY IN OPERATING MOLTEN SALT BATHS FOR NITRIDING When operating a molten salt bath of any description it requires a very careful handling by the furnace operator in order to maintain a high degree of safety for both the operator and ? 2006 by Taylor & Francis Group....<<more>>

Heat Treating Steel - Hardening and Tempering

Special heat treating salts are sold. The only time the type of salt is critical is if the bath is to be used for hardening (yes they get that hot) OR if there is a "use no chlorides" requirement for the application....<<more>>

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Electrically heated salt bath crucible furnaces for uniform and fast heat treatment of work pieces and tools under exclusion of air. Max Temp – 1000 °C. Custom-built for customers’ applications and requirements....<<more>>

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Do not soak. Seeing as how you mentioned that your furnaces heat up slowly I would preheat the furnace to 1350 and then place the part in the furnace. As soon as the furnace reaches 1350 again wait another 5-10 minutes (your parts are small) then immediately quench in oil. and heat treatment of case hardened steel read: "Heat Treatment...