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Argon oxygen decarburization furnace - SH-7 - SHOO-IN

The blown nitrogen is used to alloy when producing high nitrogen alloy. Lots of metal nitride are saved during the production process of 21-4N kinds of steel. For example, the amount of chromium nitride is reduced and cost of production is saved a lot....<<more>>

what is a high-pressure gas quenching vacuum furnace

Check details of High pressure vacuum gas-quenching furnace, gas quenching furnace,High pressure vacuum gas-quenching furnace with certifie of quality Heat Industrial Vacuum High Pressure Gas Quenching Furnace in ...<<more>>

stainless steel industrial laboratory drying chamber

DZF-6050 high temperature digital small lab 1.9 industrial electric vacuum drying oven (stainless steel inner chamber) for sale, You can get more details GET READ 220l Stainless Steel Industrialsmall Electric Lab Drying Oven...<<more>>

Method for producing improved metal castings by

A process for producing final product castings of low alloy steel and carbon steel, said castings being characterized by superior internal and surface quality, comprising the steps of: (1) melting selected charge materials in a furnace,...<<more>>


high-strength nitrogen-containing steel including melting of semifinished product in a basic arc furnace, vacuum-oxygen decarburization in a ladle, and treatment in a furnace ladle unit....<<more>>

US4027095A - Hermetically sealed arc furnace - Google Patents

A hermetically sealed arc furnace for producing stainless steel is disclosed which makes use, as a main raw material, a semi-reduced chrome ore pellet and a reduced iron ore pellet and by which these pellets are melted, decarburized and finally refined under a reduced pressure said hermetically sealed arc furnace capable of adjusting its interior reduced pressure, and particularly including a ...<<more>>

MELTING | Italimpianti Orafi

Vacuum Melting Furnace Type FIM/FPt (Platinum, Palladium and Alloys) The furnace is used to melt platinum, palladium, dental alloys and stain-less steel. All Italimpianti Orafi induction melting furnaces are fitted with static medium frequency converters (from ...<<more>>

burnout tube furnace 100mm od with sliding chamber for

0.5-200 tons chinese vd vod vacuum ladle refining furnace bogie hearth furnace car bottom furnace for heat treatment gold silver scrap recovery refining melting furnace crucible for casting bar...<<more>>

Plastic Mould Steel | Heat Treating | Steel

I Producing high-purity electric steel melts using secondary and vacuum metallurgical processes I Producing Buderus ISO-B grade tool steels, i.e. special melting with extremely low sulfur content and a high level of purity I Bottom-poured ingots and special hood type furnace technology for manufacturing low-segregation raw ingots I Hot forming ...<<more>>

2016 new top quality high temperature 1400c laboratory

XD-1600VTF laboratory high temperature Vertical Tube Furnace XD-1600VTF Vertical Vacuum Tube Furnace is vertical tube furnace with 6" diameter one end closed alumina tube and stainless steel flange / ball valve...<<more>>

AOD (argon oxygen decarburization )refining furnace

The blown nitrogen is used to alloy when producing high nitrogen alloy. Lots of metal nitride are saved during the production process of 21-4N kinds of steel. For example, the amount of chromium nitride is reduced and cost of production is saved a lot....<<more>>

xy-1200vcb vacuum crucible furnace aluminum billet heating

Induction furnace Induction Heating furnace Melting BC CE Crucible Vacuum Melting Furnace for Non-furnace melting for iron steel scraps aluminum Learn More Furnaces Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters,Dealers in Pune,...<<more>>


The classic method for producing high temperature superalloys utilizes two consecutive melting steps. The first is normally Vacuum Induction Melting (VIM), whereby the raw materials are melted and cast into an electrode under a vacuum in an induction furnace. This step insures that the raw materials are homogeneously mixed together in the ...<<more>>

professional design copper ore vacuum filter

Hot sale new style designs induction vacuum melting furnace price 8 YRS Jiangxi Jinshibao Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. High Quality Modular Design Tilting Brass Bronze Copper Small Induction Melting Furnace Professional design 45kw 150kg induction furnace foundry induction furnace for sale....<<more>>

ladle furnace - Spanish translation – Linguee

Today's high quality steels require an individual treatment of the blast furnace iron with injection technology for ladle desulphurisation. Los actuales aceros de alta calidad requieren un tratamiento individualizado del arrabio mediante técnicas de inyección par a la d esulfuración de la cuchara....<<more>>

Patents Assigned to A. Finkl & Sons Co. - Justia Patents

Abstract: A method and apparatus for producing high quality steel having less than about 1 ppm H, 50 ppm N, 25 ppm O and 0.005 S which includes subjection to vacuum, gas purging, and alternating current heating arcs, followed by shrouded pouring into sealed ingot molds to form a VAR electrode which ...<<more>>

lf furnace factory - lf furnace manufacturing

Xi’an Abundance Electric Technology Co., Ltd is located in Xi’an, which is the research base of electric furnace industry and the national supervision and inspection center of electric furnaces in China....<<more>>

Successful Foundry Investment: The New Machining Centre

high-grade steel foundry, machining and assembly divisions. Having concluded the past In the field of vacuum melting metallurgy we have been able to secure two contracts that merit special mention. Both involve vacuum furnace (right) with zinc condenser (left)...<<more>>

US5404929A - Casting of high oxygen-affinity metals and

A process for casting high oxygen affinity metals or metal alloys such as titanium through use of an induction furnace while preventing the pick up of contaminating gas by the metals or metal alloys during melting....<<more>>

Impurity removal and overall rate constant during low

A high sensitivity pressure transducer attached to the opening in the brass cap provided constant pressure monitoring while the vacuum pump was set to provide a constant pressure of 5 kPa throughout the experiments....<<more>>

By Application Of Vacuum Patents and Patent Applications

Abstract: A refining furnace used for vacuum refining has a sealing cover mounted on the refining furnace so as to cover the furnace throat of the refining furnace and to be in close contact with a sealing flange (10) formed on the refining furnace. The adhesion of metal and slag to the sealing flange is prevented without using any flange cover....