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Silver & Gold Brazing Alloys | The Welding Warehouse, Inc.

Gold filler metals readily wet most base metals, including the super alloys, and are especially good for brazing thin sections due to their low interaction with the base metal. We recommend a maximum brazing temperature of 2050°F....<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace For Diamond Tool

vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum soldering furnace with al ar m and protection. Copper, Ni, Gold, stainless steel vacuum brazing furnace . Vacuum brazing is carried out in the absence of air, using a specialized furnace, and delivers significant advantages: extremely clean, flux-free braze joints of high integrity and superior strength....<<more>>

High temperature vacuum brazing furnace-Products-Vacuum

It is used widely in copper, nickel, gold, stainless steel, high temperature alloy, especially the heat resistant alloy brazing with high content of aluminum and titanium....<<more>>

Three Chambers Vacuum Continuous Brazing Furnace

Three Chambers Vacuum Continuous Brazing Furnace is applied for brazing of copper, Ni, gold, stainless steel, high-temp alloy, especially heat-resistant alloy with large content of Al and Ti; it is also used for brazing of congeneric refractory metals or heterogeneous metals, such as Ti, Zr, Ni, Mo....<<more>>

High Temperature Assay Furnace For Melting Gold With 1300C

Furnaces & Ovens. high temperature rotary lab vacuum laboratory induction melting furnace for 5KG-10KG sliver/gold/platinum melting high frequency Fire Assay Gold - SGS - When You Need To Be Sure from high grade ores....<<more>>

VACUUM BRAZING – Thermovac Aerospace

Vacuum Brazing We are specialized in vacuum brazing of similar & dissimilar metals and non metals at various temperature ranges based on the requirements of the material. Brazing is a fusion joining method where a filler metal, with a melting point lower than the solidus of the base metal, until the filler metal melts and flows through the ...<<more>>

High-temperature brazing in aerospace engineering

High-temperature brazing is a joining process that takes place in a vacuum furnace or controlled atmosphere at above 900 °C to create high-strength bonds with good corrosion and oxidation resistance. As the brazing process is carried out at high temperature, much care should be directed to the furnace or controlling atmosphere that will keep ...<<more>>

Vacuum Furnace Brazing provided by Applied Thermal

Aerospace brazing is carried out in high vacuum furnaces by holding the parts for a long period of time to diffuse away boron and silicon. During the aerospace brazing process our vacuum furnaces can reach temperatures to 2800°F and have vacuum levels to 10-6 Torr, all metal hot zones and extremely rapid cooling....<<more>>

AT0005 0311 Brazing Copper Beryllium - materion

used when vacuum brazing. High temperature brazing of high conductivity copper beryllium alloys requires filler metals that flow between 1660 Furnace brazing is more effective if the furnace is brought to temperature before the work is charged. Reducing...<<more>>

Vacuum brazing furnace Manufacturers & Suppliers, China

vacuum brazing furnace manufacturer/supplier, China vacuum brazing furnace manufacturer & factory list, find qualified Chinese vacuum brazing furnace manufacturers, suppliers, factories, exporters & wholesalers quickly on Made-in-China....<<more>>

Amazing Vacuum Furnaces - Vacuum Brazing Technics

For silver, gold, copper and nickel braze filler metals suitable for vacuum brazing, the clearance should be 0.0260 to 0.05 mm (0.001 to 0.002-inch) at the brazing temperature....<<more>>

Vacuum High-temperature Brazing Furnace - Buy Vacuum

Product Description. Vacuum High-temperature Brazing Furnace. 1. Application: The VTHB series vacuum high-temperature brazing furnaces are mainly applicable to vacuum brazing of stainless steel, titanium alloys, high-temperature alloys, hard alloys and nonferrous metals, etc....<<more>>

Continuous Belt Furnace Brazing - Byron Products

Continuous Furnaces are ideal for high volume copper brazing and stainless steel annealing and hardening. We can braze using filler metals such as nickel, silver, copper, gold and alloys that contain these elements....<<more>>

Solder Furnace, Solder Furnace Suppliers and - Alibaba

Tags: Silver Solder To Cooer Alloy Vacuum Brazing Furnace | Vacuum Silver Solder To Cooer Alloy Vacuum Brazing Furnace | High Temperature Silver Solder To Cooer Alloy Vacuum Brazing Furnace 750KG Gold and silver melting, annealing, soldering induction eltric furnace in china...<<more>>

Aluminum Brazing Furnaces Suppliers - ThomasNet

Electric box furnaces are available in bench, dual-chamber, medium-sized, large-sized and high temperature type models. Furnaces are designed for use in industrial and laboratory markets. Manufacturer & distributor of aluminum brazing furnaces for aerospace, automotive & high-volume production applications. Clean High Vacuum ...<<more>>

High vacuum brazing for high temperature brazing

CERABRAZE VAC 780 L10 is suitable for high temperature brazing of diamonds, ceramic-metal composites, ceramic, saphire, graphite, aluminum, zircon and beryllium to normal substrates like sintered hard carbide, stainless steel and other materials without the use of molybdenum manganese or other metallization methods. Sintered hard carbide is the substrate of choice for diamonds due to it ?s ...<<more>>

Expert Brazing Services Provided by HI TecMetal Group

In order to obtain high-quality brazed joints, parts must be designed for furnace brazing by a braze engineer. Parts must be closely fitted, and the base metals must be exceptionally clean and free of dirt,...<<more>>

Camco Furnace, Hydrogen and High Vacuum Furnace Manufacturer

High Temperature and High Vacuum Experts. Manufacturers of quality equipment since 1984. Camco's furnaces are extremely efficient and have the smallest overall equipment size per work-zone volume on the market....<<more>>

High Temperature Vacuum Brazing Furnace - Type B5_T

B5_T, vacuum furnace for high-temperature treatments The BMI vacuum furnaces of the B5_T family are designed for the main high-temperature heat treatments that do not require high cooling rates (high pressure of up to a maximum of 2 bars abs can be applied to the equipment)....