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Xinxiang Zhongli Furnace Industry Co., Ltd. ,Active

The main products include bogie hearth furnace, pit furnace, box type furnace, mesh belt furnace, push type furnace and various heat treatment production line, mainly used for various workpiece and mechanical parts for quenching, tempering, annealing, normalizing and carburizing heat treatment.etc, In order to meet customers' requirements much ...<<more>>

Gas Carbonizing Furnace - HKFurnace

RQ3 series Pit type gas carburizing furnace of is a high-precision, ultra save energy efficient industrial heat treatment furnace. The furnace is mainly used for the gas carburizing of steel parts, Case Hardening/ Carbonitriding for Plain Carbon Steels, Gears, Machined parts, Stampings....<<more>>

Steel Plant Furnaces | Continuous & Batch Type

CAN-ENG’s Steel Plant Heat Treatment Furnaces are workhorses for heat treating a wide variety of materials and applications. Whether annealing, bright annealing, normalizing, reheating , stress relieving or quench and tempering, CAN-ENG custom engineered Steel Plant Furnace Systems deliver consistent quality and reliable performance for tube, bar and plate, forgings, fabrications and castings....<<more>>

Heat Treating Steel - Hardening and Tempering

The quenchant depends on the type of steel. In general quenching in a more sever quenchant than necessary can cause cracks in the steel. tools. As heattreated it is a nice plum color. Our family machine shop used quite a bit of this material to avoid heat treating parts. H-13 is an air hardening steel. by cooling the steel well below ...<<more>>

Pit Type Quenching Furnace - ht-guide

Pit type quenching furnace is national standard energy-saving batch type heat treatment furnace, heat treatment temperature can reach 850℃-1200℃,mainly used to rod, long axis,roll, 45 steel, stainless steel and other metal materials and mechanical parts for quenching heat treatment....<<more>>

How to Optimize Your Quenching and Carburizing Processes

? Efficient heating combustion system, which provides energy and cost savings ? Variable-speed quench agitation, allowing users to achieve and maintain better quenching control ? Uniform quenching, resulting in minimized distortion and high part quality...<<more>>

Pit type heat treatment furnace - vacfurnace

Furnace shell with steel welding shape, with 0.6g / cm3 ultra-light energy-saving refractory brick masonry shaft furnace, load-bearing parts and easy collision parts with heavy refractory brick masonry Agent), to enhance the strength of lining structure....<<more>>

Annealing furnace Manufacturers & Suppliers, China

Industrial Furnace, Steel Wire Annealing Furnace, Low Price Energy Saving Shaft Quenching Induction Tube Pipe Annealing Furnace Customized Well Type Annealing Furnace....<<more>>

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment - ?Tü

Heat Treating Industry, Processes and Equipment ? Heat treating furnaces can beBatch type or continuous ? The furnaces are heated by: Direct fired gas burners, Radiant tubes or Electric heating ? Integral Quench Furnace (i.e. AllCase Furnace) Tempering furnace ? Unloading...<<more>>

Quenching - Wikipedia

Coke being pushed into a quenching car, Hanna furnaces of the Great Lakes Steel Corporation, Detroit, Michigan, November 1942 In materials science , quenching is the rapid cooling of a workpiece in water, oil or air to obtain certain material properties ....<<more>>

ALD`s Dual Chamber Vacuum Furnace for Flexible Heat Treatment

DualTherm? Technology with universal application possibilities. The dual chamber vacuum furnace type ALD DualTherm? offers high flexibility and is mainly used in the production of single parts and small batches in the automobile and aviation industry as well as in the in the tool industry....<<more>>

Professional Support Services Oil Quenching

Professional Support Services discuss oil quenching in vacuum furnaces a technology that has been used for over 50 years and has both broad appeal and some very unique characteristics. Type GM Quench-O-Meter Rating, seconds Fast Oil 8 – 10 Medium Oil 11 – 14 ....<<more>>

coke oven - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

COG is used as fuel in rolling mills and power plant. It can also be injected in the blast furnace through the tuyeres like tar as well. saving energy and reducing the risk of formation of NO x [2]. by various units of the steel plant (coke ovens, sinter plant, blast furnaces, steel shop, rolling mills, ...<<more>>

Gas Quenching and Inerting | Praxair, Inc.

Gas quenching is an important step in the treatment of steel parts. The process consists of cooling the parts down from their critical temperature quickly in order to strengthen and harden the metal. These metals include ferrous and alloys....<<more>>

Increasing the efficiency of high temperature furnaces

Abstract. Based on the energy requirements of a set of continuous metallurgic heat treatment furnaces, this paper describes and compares several energy efficiency and cogeneration scenarios in a Portuguese metallurgic plant in terms of operating costs vs. savings....<<more>>

Vacuum Quench Furnace for High Volume w Oil & Gas Multi

There are two types of CaseMaster Evolution. The two-chamber furnace, called D type, provides a dual-chamber vacuum-quench furnace with one for vacuum heat-treatment processing and a second chamber for oil or gas quenching....<<more>>

Furnaces and Boilers | Department of Energy

Energy-efficiency improvements will save money on a new furnace or boiler, because you can purchase a smaller unit. A properly sized furnace or boiler will operate most efficiently, and you'll want to choose a dependable unit and compare the warranties of each furnace or boiler you’re considering....<<more>>

Well Type Gas Nitriding Furnace - made-in-china

China Well Type Gas Nitriding Furnace, Find details about China Well Type Gas Nitriding Furnace, Nitriding Furnac from Well Type Gas Nitriding Furnace - Hefei Lujiang Chenchr Industrial Furnace Factory...<<more>>

Alloy steel saw blade atmosphere sintering furnace

The heating structure is heated by a well-type resistance wire; the shell of the furnace is welded by a 4mm thick steel plate; the furnace body is a round type; the panel is made of 20mm thick steel plate; the welding seam is neat; the temperature- It is a high-efficiency energy-saving furnace made of masonry full-fiber formwork and aluminum ...<<more>>

heat treatment industrial furnace,HeFei LuJiang ChengChi

Box type annealing furnace is also known as box type furnace, annealing furnace, box type resist Ball annealing furnace The full name of the ball annealing furnace (furnace Spheroidizing), the full name of the well t...<<more>>

Metal heat treatment|KYK - KANTO YAKIN KOGYO CO.,LTD.

Features Reduction in energy consumption, floor space, and production costs by use of a builtin type RX gas generater. Reduction in the running costs by use of a high combustion efficiency burner. Significant energy savings realized by recirculating the furnace atmosphere gas. Improved work envitronment by use of a negative pressure burner in degrease/preheat...