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Horizontal Split Tube Furnace - HST / HZS - Prolab Systems

The split tube furnace range HST (single zone) and HZS (three zone) uses free radiating wire elements embedded within the insulation of the furnace body. The benefit of this design is its flexibility; with the use of tube adapters the same furnace can be used with a variety of tube diameters....<<more>>

Split-Type Tube Furnaces for Horizontal or Vertical

The split-type design makes it easy to change the working tube. It allows for a comfortable exchange of various working tubes (e.g. working tubes made of different materials)....<<more>>

Vertical or Horizontal Split Tube Furnace - mhi-inc

Features. Vertical Split Tube Furnace Features.. Inner and Outer Stainless Steel Shells MHI Vertical and Horizontal Split Tube Furnaces are the most versatile laboratory testing furnaces and offer the best value for mechanical testing at different temperatures with very slow to very rapid heat-up rates....<<more>>

Split Tube Furnace,Vertical Tube Furnace

One-Zone 1200°C 50mm OD Split Tube Furnaces with Quartz Tube One-Zone 1200°C Vertical Tube Furnace w/ Kanthal (Sweden) Elements One-Zone 1200°C 60-250mm OD Split Tube Furnaces w/ Kanthal? (Sweden) Elements...<<more>>

Tube Furnaces - ThomasNet

Tabletop, single and three zone, split hinge, crucible, and wire wound tube furnaces are available. Offered in different sizes and temperature ratings ranging from 1000 degrees C to 1800 degrees C. Applications include ashing, heat treating, sintering, fusion tempering and hardening, crystallizing, annealing and atmosphere processing....<<more>>

Refurbished Thermo Scientific Lindberg Blue M Split Hinge

The Thermo Scientific Lindberg Blue M Split Hinge Tube Furnace Model HTF55347C with Lindberg/Blue M 3-Zone Controller 1200C CC58434C-1 is designed for materials testing and investigation, analysis, quality control and production of ceramics, electronics, polymers and chemicals. Featuring a temperature range from 100°C to 1200°C, the Split Hinge Furnace offers ease in observation and operation....<<more>>

Custom 3420 Split Tube Furnace | Applied Test Systems

Product Spotlight: Custom 3420 Split Tube Furnace Posted July 11th, 2016 by ATS & filed under Custom Furnaces , Product Spotlight . Applied Test Systems (ATS) is known worldwide for our ability to fully customize our products....<<more>>


Series 3320 High Temperature Split Tube Furnaces are available in a wide selection of diameters, lengths, and mounting types. CAUTION: Avoid contacting flammable materials with the heated furnace shell. For example, do not put the furnace directly on a wooden work bench. Trapped heat can cause a fire....<<more>>

CY-O1200X-RTP Tube Furnace -

CY-O1200X-RTP Tube Furnace. CY-O1200X-RTP is a CE certifiable compact and rapid thermal process split tube furnace with a max. working temperature of 1200℃ and a sliding chamber with all parts ....<<more>>

graphene cvd Manufacturer - Absolute Match graphene cvd

KeJia cvd furnace system is widely used in cvd experiments;may also be used in: graphene,vacuum sintering,protective atmosphere sintering,preparation of nanophase materials, battery materials preparation,etc....<<more>>

(PDF) Synthesis and Characterization Techniques of

Earlier studies have shown that nanomaterials are the most promising materials for modern development of science and technology. In this brief review, attention will be focused on a detailed ...<<more>>

Lindberg/Blue M Three-Zone Tube Furnaces, 1200°C, Thermo

Three-zone tube furnaces incorporate split-hinge design for easy process tube installation, fast cooling, and overall ease of operation The heated chamber is divided into three independent power zones, each with its own thermocouple....<<more>>

F79325 Single Zone Split Tube Furnace Thermolyne Thermo

F79325 Single Zone Split Tube Furnace Thermolyne Thermo Scientific F79325 120V Cole-Parmer None Daigger F79325 Fisher None Spectrum None Thomas None Vwr None 8/5/09 For full functionality of store.clarksonlab it is necessary to enable JavaScript....<<more>>

CY-O1200-50ICS Tube Furnace -

CY-O1200-50ICS Tube Furnace. CY-O1200-50ICS is a CE certifiable compact and energy saving (750W power consumption) split tube furnace with a max. working temperature of 1200°C and All electric parts ....<<more>>

Laboratory 1200C Vacuum Split Tube Furnace Flanges

1200°C Split Tube Furnace with Vacuum Flanges & Optional Quartz Tube 60, 80, 100, 120mm . TMAX-OTL1200 is a CE certified compact and energy saving split tube furnace with a max. working temperature of 1200°C. Built-in precision temperature controller can provide up to 40 segments of heating and cooling steps with +/- 1 °C accuracy....<<more>>

Ultrahigh‐vacuum furnace for sintering studies of

The study of nanophase materials has been of consid- erable interest, given that they possess both improved me- pretation. Furthermore, the process of sample preparation could, in fact, change the nature of the interfacial struc- ture. For example, the frequently used dimpling and jet The furnace tube is surrounded by three concentric...<<more>>

Manufacturers of Laboratory Furnaces

Lindberg/Blue M Split-Hinge Tube Furnace 30.5cm (12 in.) 1200°C 120V Thermo Scientific HTF55122A Muffle Furnace L15/13 with Brick Insulation Flap Door B410 Controller 208V...<<more>>

Nanophase and superfine cemented carbides processed by

Prior to sintering, both furnaces were calibrated to within from room temperature to 1500 using a B type thermocouple inserted inside the alumina tube for the CM horizontal furnace and using the melting of pure Ni and Co for calibration of the graphite vacuum furnace....<<more>>

Laboratory & Standard Ovens & Furnaces up to 1800 °C

for sample preparation and characterization of solids.retsch High temperature furnaces important place in aerospace, engineering, materials science, heat treatment, medical, bioscience and contract Split Tube Furnaces High Temperature Vertical Split Tube Furnace...<<more>>

hot sale new condition induction heat treatment furnace

furnace for heat treatment - best furnace for heat treatment Buy quality furnace for heat treatment products from furnace for heat treatment manufacturer, 31601 furnace for heat treatment manufacturers & furnace for hea Read More. Induction Heat Treatment Furnace, Metal Forging Machinery - ...<<more>>

Cvd Deposition, Cvd Deposition Suppliers and Manufacturers

Touch Screen Chemical vapor deposition / Cvd Furnace Introduction of CVD Furnace KeJia CVD tube furnace is widely used in CVD experiments;may also be used in: vacuum sintering, protective atmosphere sintering,preparation of nanophase materials, battery materials preparation,etc. Features of CVD Furnace 1.Touch screen interactive mode....