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Vacuum Project is the only application dedicated to the difficult calculations of the vacuum technology in the Apple Store.Vacuum Project al...<<more>>

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You wear the pumps independently under your clothes, without any tubes or power cords, so you can pump while doing whatever else you're doing, without most people even noticing....<<more>>

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4.7.1 Design / Operating principle. The principle of operation of single-stage Roots pumps corresponds to the operating principle of multi-stage pumps as described in Chapter 4.5.In the Roots vacuum pump, two synchronously counter-rotating rotors (4) rotate contactlessly in a housing (Figure 4.16).The rotors have a figure-eight configuration and are separated from one another and from the...<<more>>

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When combined with other Roots pumps or the appropriate backing pump, Roots pumps can be perfectly adapted to the particular application. Pfeiffer Vacuum has 50 years experience in the customer-specific design of such systems and is therefore the leading supplier of vacuum solutions....<<more>>

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The high pumping rate for hydrocarbons also allows the Roots pump to provide an effective isolation between oiled pumps, such as rotary compression pumps, and the vacuum chamber. A variant uses claw-shaped rotors for higher compression....<<more>>

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OPERATION After the fore pump has brought the system down to desired vacuum, start the ROOTS booster pump. During the first 5 minutes of operation, watch the oil...<<more>>

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The RUTA pump systems described here are vacuum pump systems consisting of Roots vacuum pumps from the RUVAC series in combination with a fore vacuum pump. They have been designed for rough and medium vacuum operation, i.e. for the pressure range from atmospheric pressure down to 10 -4 mbar (7.5? 10 -5 Torr)....<<more>>

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DMB Roots vacuum pump is the equipment with fast pumping rate and lower cost in the vacuum range of 0 1-1000 Pa It can be combined with a variety of vacuum pumps to...