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high temperature lab vacuum well type crucible furnace

High Temperature Laboratory Furnaces - Kejia Furnace. We supply muffle furnace, tube furnace, CVD & PECVD Systems, Vacuum Furnace & Atmosphere Furnace ,dental furnace, and Can be customized according to your...<<more>>

lab vacuum well type crucible furnace -

gas wholesale notebook portable grill wholesale 80 efficient furnace View MoreHot Sale High Temperature Lab Vacuum Well Type Crucible Furnace With CE Certi Crucible melting furnace-bokee. Read More...<<more>>

high temperature crucible furnace - Alibaba

Crucible furnace Crucible furnace Crucible furnace Electric Crucible furnace is designed for sintering ceramic parts and component in lab and Hobby shop. c ( 2hours) Crucible furnace Crucible furnace Crucible furnace Working temperature: 1600deg....<<more>>

Mini High Temperature Crucible Lab Box Crucible Furnace

High Temperature Well Type Vacuum Crucible Sintering Furnace 1250C Vertical Crucible Furnace with 9.5"Dia x 8.6"H ( 9 Liter) Chamber & Programmable Controller - VBF-1200X Introduction Upgrade from CF-1200X The Vertical Crucible Furnace has a large chamber (9.5"d x 8.6"H, 9 liters ) and it is designed for sintering ceramic parts and component in ...<<more>>

Laboratory Crucible Furnace, Laboratory Crucible Furnace

1400 C metal box type furnace box type electric lab crucible furnace electric vacuum muffle furnace Six heated box furnace Application: It is designed for institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes, industrial and mining laboratory for ceramics, metallurgy, electronics, glass, chemicals, machinery, refractory materials ...<<more>>

High Temperature Laboratory Furnaces - Kejia Furnace

High Temperature Muffle, Tube, Vacuum Furnaces, CVD and PECVD system, Dental furnaces Kejia Furnace is specializes in the manufacture of High temp furnace in china, export all over the world....<<more>>

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Kejia vacuum crucible furnace is an standard vacuum chamber furnace. It equips a high purity quartz crucible chamber sitting horizontally. Water-cooled stainless steel vacuum flanges with valves are installed to achieve a vacuum of 10-2 to10-5 Torr through a mechanical or molecular vacuum pump....<<more>>

High Temperature Crucible Furnace - made-in-china

If you are about to import High Temperature Crucible Furnace, you can compare the High Temperature Crucible Furnace factories and manufacturers with reasonable price listed above. More related options such as electric furnace, melting furnace, furnace could be your choices too....<<more>>

high temperature energy vacuum crucible melting furnace up to

Pit Type Crucible Furnace, Pit Type Crucible Furnace quartz crucible melting furnace up to 1400c Ad Lab high temperature PID control Vacuum atmosphere Energy-saving batch type RJ2 series pit type electr...<<more>>

high temperature well type vacuum crucible sintering furnace

Development of MgO-CaO crucible for vacuum smelting. sintering test for MgO-CaO clinker.The tests for a pure metal and two kinds of the same high temperature alloy smelted in MgO-CaO crucible and CaO ...<<more>>

High Temperature Furnace, Vacuum Tube Furnace Price

1) high temperature Vacuum Tube Furnace, the control system is an international leading, with safe and reliable, simple operation, convenient maintenance. 2) Use 708P type temperature controller (professional PID control) for automatic temperature control with high temperature control precision (±1oC). the temperature range is wide, and high ...<<more>>

Noble Gas Geochemistry Lab | High-temperature Vacuum Furnace

The high-temperature vacuum furnace is used for melting and step-heating of rocks, minerals and sediments. It has a tantalum resistive heating element and a central Ta crucible....<<more>>

High Temperature Assay Furnace For Melting Gold With 1300C

the precious metals market plus gold melting crucible furnace Furnaces, Cupellation Furnaces, Assay Furnaces and Gold high temperature Cupellation Furnace (CF) acc. to Hallmark Convention The CF Cupellation Furnace is specifically designed for the cupellation, or fire assay test, of precious metals, used to determine their purity....<<more>>

Vertical high temperature graphitization furnace

Limit heating rate: 200°C/min (air furnace, depending on the volume of high temperature zone and furnace structure) 6, sex ± 10 °C, temperature control accuracy ± 1 °C. 7, low energy consumption: thick aluminum oxide insulation material, heat insulation and fire resistance, heat loss, heating speed....