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Finally, the magnetic permeability of steel is high at room temperature, but at the Curie temperature, just above 760 °C (1400 °F), steels become nonmagnetic with the effect that the permeability becomes the same as air....<<more>>

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Distributor of induction heaters including furnaces for high speed steel hardening, heating, investment casting & metal melting applications. Specifications include 230 to 460 input voltage, 3.3 kVA to 165 kVA input power, 1 kHz to 1,100 kHz output frequency & 0.5 gal./minute to 8 gal./minute....<<more>>

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Fig. 1 Basic elements of a vacuum induction melting furnace Heating coil regard to stability at high temperature under double-chamber vacuum induction melting ...<<more>>

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AU J.T. 9(2): 83-88 (Oct. 2005) A furnace is an apparatus in which heat is liberated and transferred directly to solid or fluid charge mass, for the purpose of effecting a physical or chemical change, through cycle...<<more>>

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Manufacturer of handheld induction heating machine|portable induction heater is used for brazing,melting,surface hardening and heating treatment small parts....<<more>>

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temperature changes can be accommodated; as a rule of thumb, more induction heating power is generally utilized to increase the degree of temperature change. Good inductor design is one of the most important aspects of the overall machine....<<more>>

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But its niche was the production of special steels requiring high temperature , ferroalloy melting, and long refining times. In the 1960s, with the advent of billet casting, the EAF occupied a new ...<<more>>

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The magnetic permeability of a material is the capability of this material to channel magnetic induction. In fact, magnetic field H and magnetic induction field B are linked, in a given material, by the equation :...<<more>>

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An induction heater operates by surrounding the object to be heated with a coil carrying high frequency AC current. Basically, the entire setup acts like a huge transformer with a shorted secondary....<<more>>

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an alloy of steel that contains between 15% and 25% nickel plus significant amounts of cobalt, molybdenum, and a low-carbon steel Martensitic stainless steel an alloy of stainless steel where carbon is added and the chromium content is reduced to a level where the material can be austenite at high temperature and ferrite at low....<<more>>

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phenomenon of induction heating was applied . stress of material i.e. for carbon steel of 0.5% . have done analysisof an electric induction furnace for melting aluminium scrap along with ...<<more>>

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Within an induction furnace, the heated area is easily controlled by the shape and size of the inductor coil, yielding a uniform, high-performance end-product. Induction furnaces are the most widely used type of furnace for melting iron and are increasingly popular for melting non-ferrous metals....<<more>>

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Magnetic Flux Control in Induction Tube-Welding Applications Induction tube welding is a major application of induction heating, used in high volume pro- duction of carbon-steel tubes. It is also used to produce stainless steel, copper, and aluminum tubing....<<more>>

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Introduction ? A melting furnace is an appliance capable of heating materials to such a high temperature that they melt, which from a chemical perspective basically means that they reach the critical threshold temperature at which they convert from a solid to a liquid....<<more>>

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Latrobe Steel Company, Latrobe, Pennsylvania duction unit for melting high temperature steels and first generation superalloys. In The air induction furnace ...<<more>>

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20Kg electromagnetic furnace 20Kg electromagnetic furnace ,Medium frequency induction melting furnace can be used for melting of steel, stainless steel, brass, silver, gold and aluminum and so on. With IGBT power component which more efficient than normal electrical....