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High Pressure Sintering Furnaces for silicon nitride and other materials in high pressure nitrogen atmosphere sintering.Which is beneficial to increase the sintering density of the material and improve the mechanical properties of the material....<<more>>

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AVS leads the way in standard and custom engineered vacuum/pressure furnace systems throughout the world. Our Sinter HIP furnaces, used in the debinding, sintering and densification of tungsten carbide, continue to provide our customers with long term value, saving time and handling by allowing a combination of these process steps into an integrated cycle, performed in a single furnace....<<more>>

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sintering furnace in vacuum and pressure Sintering furnace: High Vacuum Furnace with high-pressure press with charging option Horizontal or Vertical, and forced cooling option. This s intering furnace allows you to perform sintering powders....<<more>>

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Custom manufacturer of pressure sintering furnaces made from stainless steel. Furnaces are available with heat zone size ranging from 2.4 in. ID x 16 in. L to 4 in. ID x 16 in. L, 1000 degrees C to 2750 degrees C temperature, 2 psi vacuum pressure & resistance to heat....<<more>>


The special feature of the GPS process is a sequence of dewaxing at low pressure, sintering at normal pressure and -after a status is reached with only closed pores being present in the material - sintering at a high pressure, which results in a further densification and faster elimination of the remaining pores....<<more>>

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Linn High Therm - Industrial furnaces - Industrie?fen. It is specialized in the production of industrial and lab furnaces/ kilns, microwave furnaces, sample preparation units for spectroscopy, induction heating systems, precision fine casting systems and customer-specific systems....<<more>>

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Special MIM/CIM-furnaces (MIM=Metal Injection Moulding / CIM = Ceramic Injection Moulding) Optional dilatometer High temperature pressure sintering furnaces with resistance heating...<<more>>

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A high pressure sintering furnace is disclosed for the production of compacts from metal and/or nonmetal powders. By mounting a cooling device between the wall of the high pressure shell and the thermal insulation, relatively thin walls can be used for the high pressure shell....<<more>>

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Fig. 5 Operator interface from a high pressure vacuum sintering furnace The vacuum furnace control system is composed of the control cabinet complete with measuring/control equipment provided with the human-machine interface (HMI) for the operator....<<more>>



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Sintering Furnaces Atomic diffusion occurs in materials with high rate at elevated temperatures. In most of the sintering processes, the powdered material is held in a mold or it is held in shape by high pressure compressing of the mixture of base material with a temporary binder and then heated to a temperature below the melting point....<<more>>

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Vacuum Hot Pressure Sintering Furnace Application This vacuum hot pressure sintering furnace is mainly used for vacuum sintering of hard alloy, ceramic material, powder injection molding, magnetic materials and porous layer materials....<<more>>

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Nashua, NH -- Centorr Vacuum Industries announced it has thoroughly reengineered it's Sinterbar line of production high pressure sintering furnaces....<<more>>

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The furnaces supplied are the VKPgr model, which provides high-pressure sintering with up to 100 bar argon-gas pressure for producing cemented carbide parts for wear and cutting-tool applications....<<more>>

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Vacuum Sintering Services Precise Temperature Controls, Bright Results. Vacuum sintering is the process of forming a single mass from multiple components, typically powder, by heat and/or pressure without melting the base materials to the point of liquefaction....