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Powder Production Equipment, Sinter-HIP Furnace, High Temperature Graphite Furnace, Vacuum Induction Melting Furnace Solutions for Atomization Powder Manufacturing & Thermal Processing EasyFashion is the professional supplier of industrial heat treatment equipment....<<more>>

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Vacuum sintering furnaces process materials under vacuum or inert gas condition so as to prevent material being oxidized. It’s widely used for hard alloy, ceramic material, carbon fiber graphitization....<<more>>

Vacuum Debinding and Sintering Furnace

Vacuum debinding and sinter furnace is mainly suitable for debinding and sinter process of tungsten alloy, heavy alloy, moly alloy, titanium alloy and cemented carbide materials. The vacuum debinding sitering furnace is used for PEG, paraffin and rubber binder removing....<<more>>

Powder Metallurgy Vacuum Sintering Furnace For Metal

RVS series vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace is mainly used in the base stainless steel, hard alloy, high temperature alloy, high proportion alloy, metal ceramics, magnetic materials, carbide, boride, oxide and intermetallic compounds, oxide sintered in vacuum or carrier gas absorbent and high temperature sintering....<<more>>

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This vacuum dewaxing sintering furnace is primarily suitable for debinding and sintering process of ceramics, cemented carbide, magnetic, tungsten alloy products, etc. Quality, efficiency and reliability are just a few of the outstanding attributes that have allowed Ruideer to become the premier supplier of sintering furnaces....<<more>>

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A vacuum heat treatment furnace for sintering of powders of alloy steel, stainless steel, and rare-earth for molding etc. Roller hearth continuous vacuum furnace Used for continuous process of removing binder, sintering , and cooling of powder molds and for general heat treatment....<<more>>

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Vacuum Carburizing Furnace Introduction: ShinTek Vacuum Carburizing Furnace can be used for Quenching and Carburizing varieties of materials, such as High Speed Steel, Die Steel, Alloy Steel, Aluminum and Aluminum alloy die, Ti alloy, Precision alloy, Stainless Steel, High temperature alloy, refractory metal, hard metal etc…...<<more>>

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A typical vacuum furnace in industries is able to sinter up to 200 kg of inserts in a single charge. In general, the sintering cycle adopted for sintering hard metals in vacuum furnaces is a modified version of that used in the earlier days in reducing furnaces....<<more>>

Annealing by Advanced Vacuum System(AVS)

Annealing – AVS furnaces alloys for certain applications which require temperature control, uniformity and anneal specialty materials....<<more>>

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AVS Vacuum Debinding/Sintering Furnace. This is a horizontal graphite vacuum debinding sintering furnace for steel MIM parts completely rebuilt from top to bottom by AVS in 2010. This is a horizontal graphite vacuum debinding sintering furnace for steel MIM parts completely rebuilt from top to bottom by AVS in 2010....<<more>>

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The plasma process is performed in a vacuum / partial pressure environment and is an alternate to Gas Nitriding. Generally speaking, the diffused layer imparted ranges between 0.0005” to 0.020” deep, and is dependent on the alloy being nitrided....<<more>>

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Vacuum Sintering Services Precise Temperature Controls, Bright Results. Vacuum sintering is the process of forming a single mass from multiple components, typically powder, by heat and/or pressure without melting the base materials to the point of liquefaction....<<more>>

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granular hard alloy [1]. A granular hard alloy of two types, notably, ZVK 905 pilot samples were sintered in a hydrogen furnace in shoveling of pure fused corundum (C tot < 0.04%). it is established that the use of vacuum sinter ing of the granular hard alloy made it possible to...<<more>>

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Vacuum Sintering Furnace - BC Vacuum Furnace. Vacuum sintering furnaces process materials under vacuum or inert gas condition so as to prevent material being oxidized.t s widely used for hard alloy...<<more>>

laboratory high temperature vacuum aluminium alloy

vacuum high temperature sinter furnace products from China ( ACME company has exclusive intellectual property rights on horizontal vacuum sintering furnace (Patent number: ZL01234997.6). sinter forging forging roll hard alloy steel high quenching vacuum ngthermal refining ...<<more>>

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1MPa Vacuum pressure sintering furnace/Sinter-HIP furnace(For Cemented carbideof high density alloy, tungsten-nickel alloy, tungsten-copper alloy, Titan powder products sintering equipment and technology series...<<more>>

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Description Vacuum sinter furnace is mainly applied for sintering processes of tungsten alloy, magnetic, heavy alloy, moly alloy, cemented carbide, etc. Technical Features 1. The furnace uses special hot zone structure and heating element design,...<<more>>

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1.sintering and thermal treatment of hard alloy products. 2.precise temperature control. 3.non-protective gas operation. Vacuum Sinter Furnace is mainly used for the sintering and thermal treatment of hard alloy products....<<more>>

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Vacuum sintering furnace is mainly used in sinter cemented carbides, stainless steel line molding, stainless steel fiber, magnetic materials,and ceramic materials,and it also can be used in power metallurgy, refractory metals and magnetic material industry.We can sinter super hard, alloy,tungsten, copper, tantalum,stainless steel and rare-earth ...<<more>>

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Following the vacuum sintering process, 6 to 10 MPa Argon gas is introduced into the furnace at sintering temperature to further reduce porosity and to ensure the material quality of high-performance hard metal tools and other sintered parts....<<more>>

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As of now, our production range including vacuum quenching furnace, vacuum tempering furnace, vacuum annealing furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum induction melting furnace, monocrystalline silicon furnace etc 20 types of products....