Vacuum furnace products

The vacuum furnace includes vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum brazing furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace and vacuum melting furnace.

Vacuum Sintering Furnace

Vacuum induction tungsten sintering furnace is under the protection of hydrogen gas after vacuum pumping. By using the principle of medium frequency induction heating, the tungsten crucible in the coil produces high temperature, which is transmitted to work by thermal radiation.

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Vacuum Brazing Furnace

Vacuum brazing refers to the heating of the workpiece in a vacuum chamber, which is mainly used for welding high quality products and oxidizable materials. The vacuum brazing furnace includes a pressure vessel with a cylindrical side wall and a door.

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vacuum furnace supply

Heat treatment is adopt the method of heating and cooling change material organization, performance and internal stress state of a kind of hot working process, is in the mechanical manufacturing industry to improve product performance, service life and reliability of key links. Mainly for metal, metal heat treatment is under the solid metal or alloy is heated to a certain temperature, heat preservation time, and then at a certain cooling rate and cooling by heating rate, holding time, heat preservation temperature and cooling speed and so on basic link of the organic coordination, made of metal or alloy's internal organization structure change, so as to improve the material performance of the process. It mainly includes: normal fire, annealing, solid solution heat treatment, aging treatment, quenching, tempering, carburizing treatment, conditioning treatment, brazing, etc...<<more>>